Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Our Fave Top #4

Here we go again! Another "Our Fave Top" by Tessuti patterns made in the same fabric as my most recent make, but bought whilst in Melbourne last year. I *think* the fabric is from Rathdowne Fabrics but I cannot quite remember now?

My rolled hem didn't produce the nice "fluted hem" this time around...not sure why. Overlockers are very temperamental things. I do like the hem, but I would've LOVED for it to be nice and wavy.

I did change the side seams a little bit this time around.  The pattern is drafted in such a way that you can easily turn the slopped hem under to stitch but I don't need this as I don't hem my top. Instead I just brought the side seams down to a might be able to see what I'm talking about in this photo. Also, I'm aware I look 20 month pregnant in the photo on the left, but that's just the effect of having big boobs!

So I wore this top to work today have so far gotten FOUR unsolicited compliments on it. FOUR! Three of the people actually had no idea I sew so I was quite chuffed to say "oh this? I made it myself"! I'm sure that there will be more "Our Fave Tops" in my future...but I think I have enough for now (though I would like to make one with full length sleeves for winter...if winter ever arrives in Sydney that is).


Pattern: "Our Fave Top" by Tessuti
Size: One size fits...most
Modifications: added an extra 0.5cm (so a total now of 1.5cm) to the width each sleeve piece which continued under the arm and tapered off to zero at the bust. Lengthened sleeve by 5cm and added a cuff.
Fabric: from Rathdowne Fabric in Melbourne (maybe?)
Changes for next time: none

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