Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me Made May Round-up: the end

A snapshot of my me-mades that got worn throughout Me Made May...a total of 20 items worn over 27 days. This is pretty impressive considering I'd only challenged myself to wearing me-made twice a week. Next year I need to up the ante.
2 necklaces
3 scarves
2 cardigans
3 skirts
2 "jackets"
1 dress
7 tops
I would REALLY like to find a dress pattern that works for me as this a massive hole in my me-made arsenal...and I love dresses so this makes me sad. I also like wearing pants (jeans and jeggings) but have no me-made pants but that doesn't worry me too much.
Overall I found it easy to wear the me-mades in my wardrobe though some are more comfortable than others.

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