Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tessuti Melbourne + a disasterous Mabel Skirt

Over the Christmas break I decided to take myself down to Melbourne for a few days. Now that I sew I ALWAYS stop into Tessuti located conveniently on Flinders Lane (my favourtie lane) in Melbourne's CBD.  I LOVE the Melbourne Tessuti store - so big, bright and open and it has that indescribable "Melbourne feel" that Sydney so tries to emulate but never really does.

I wasn't going to buy fabric this trip as I was traveling with carry-on luggage BUT I'd packed super light so definitely had room in my case for this "perfect for a Mabel skirt" fabric I found in the remnant bin.

Of course best laid plans are often laid to waste and whilst the construction of this Mabel is the same as my other two skirts my machine DID NOT like this fabric at all. It especially went berserk when I tried to top stitch the top of the waistband to ensure the elastic I'd overlocked between the waistband pieces didn't twist around. I spent about an hour re-threading the machine, cleaning out the bobin case, changing needles + bobbins but nothing worked. I hate this skirt SO much that I wore it once to the supermarket but it's going in the Vinnie's bag as it feels so uncomfortable to me (both physically and psychologically). The stitching is dodgy at the waist and every time I look at this skirt I feel RAGE! I cannot be bothered to get properly dressed to take photos of this monster so the photo below from my phone is all you'll get from me!

Ummm...not sure what else to say on this one. I hate you black Mabel skirt. So there!


  1. The Melbourne Tessuti store is lovely.
    I'm just curious... did you... 1) stick your tongue out at the end of that post 2) blow a defiant raspberry or 3) both?

  2. Get thee gone imperfect black Mabel! I am glad you're not holding it's black heart against Melbourne's lanes - maybe it pouted when you didn't stay longer ;)

  3. Oh my! naughty Mabel! its looks great in that photo though! I wonder, did you have the right machine needle? I tried sewing double knit once and the thread kept skipping and the machine was being a right old bitch and in the end all i needed was a stretch needle - even though double knit is hardly stretchy. I see you bought new needles there, so maybe they were ok? ahh well, at least the fabric didn't cost heaps!