Sunday, 11 January 2015

Introducing my machine, Betty.

I'm always really interested to see other people's sewing machines and the space where they sew so I thought it was about time I introduced everyone to my machine, Betty.

I inherited Betty from my mother-in-law, also Betty (although I always called the MiL Elizabeth as I she told me once that's what she prefers). Betty (the machine) is an Elna 6003 and I'm pretty sure she is a quilting machine, which makes sense as Betty (the mother-in-law) was a quilter. There are SO many stitches on this machine, lord only knows what they all do. So far I've used the straight stitch and the zigzag stitch. That's it...

As a newbie sewist my FAVOURITE feature of this machine is the tortoise vs the hare function. Often my stitching goes all skewiff and I'm 100% sure that is because I'm going too fast. Lately I've been slowing things down (A LOT) and have been making a whole lot less mistakes which means less time on the quick-unpicker.

And this is where I the dining room table. Luckily we usually eat on the sofa in front of the TV (yeah I know, naughty) so it's not very often I have to clean off the space. My machine has a prime view of the TV so I often sew with the TV as background "entertainment". Probably not good sewing practice but it keeps the husband happy and drowns out the sound of the machine for him. Win:win!

Where do you sew? Do you have a dedicated sewing room (my dream) or do you have to hijack space within your house too?


  1. Hey Melanie, my machine is also aimed at the quilter, although I am not one and so also has about a million stitches I don't use. My sewing space is part of our spare room, which is multi-functional - study/family PC space, second tv, guest space, ironing and laundry overflow and (mostly) sewing space. Truthfully, the sewing takes over almost every available horizontal surface and it is most painful when guests come to stay as that's when a big clean up has to happen (not saying I actively discourage guests, but…). Loving your hibiscus print there :)… Jo

  2. I used to make and sell bunting with appliqu├ęd letters on, for baby names etc, so your sticked 13 and 14 were great for that. I'd cheat a bit and use Bondaweb first to attach the letter, then stitch around the edges without the need for pins!

  3. I bet your machine is awesome! My MIL loves the Elnas! :) I have a dedicated space and also watch tv while I'm sewing. I used to sew on the DR table and the best thing is not having to clean it off all the time!

  4. Great post - i only ever use straight, zig zag and button hole. i cant imagine ever using all those other stitches!