Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Another day, another Party Peplum Dress

I know I know, it's ANOTHER Party Peplum dress. But to be fair out of ALL the iterations I've made this is only one of two that is wearable...because it fits (sort of). Interestingly though, even though I've made about ten Party Peplum's thus far the first version made out of daisy print quilting cotton is my favourite and fits best. Odd.

I've made SO many changes to this pattern that I can't even remember what I've done anymore.

For my last version I thought I'd size down all over (from an XXL to an XL), but alas the dress, she was too small! This time I've kept the smaller size under the arms (probably a smidge smaller than an XL) and brought the bodice out to an XXL by the time it hits the waist. I've cut a smaller size for the armhole...not to make it smaller, but it make it BIGGER. I figure more armhole = fits bigger arms. I probably lowered the armhole a bit too...who can remember?  I also attempted to change the bust darts....apparently the tip of the dart isn't suppose to sit ON your nipple, but it should kinda sit under your bust (is that right?). Now the darts kinda sit to the side of my they are pointing to two googly eyes.  Anyway, moving on...

I'm not sure this dress is 100% comfortable as I'm truly not a fan of woven restrictive unlike my beloved knits. BUT I donned it the very first day it was finished to wear to a concert that was being held at the historic Old Parramatta Gaol near our house (Tex Perkins singing Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Album FYI).  I figured if I didn't wear it ASAP it might never get worn. It was hotter than the surface of the sun that night so I was pretty hot in this dress as there is A LOT of fabric...and it's probably not's a mystery fabric from My Hung in Parramatta bought AGES ago!

I wore the dress with my brand new Funkis clogs (that I LOVE even they pain me after an hour of wear and whose purchase I totally blame on Dolly Clacket who is the Clog Queen of the Internets) and my new(ish) Marimekko clutch that I LOVE so much (I blame this purchase on Marimekko fangirl Alex). I agonized about both these purchases...but I've already used both of them SO much so for cost per wear they are practically freebies.

I think I have one more Party Peplum in me.  I want to make a version with a gathered skirt and POCKETS!


  1. I love the dress and it looks fabulous with the clogs!

  2. This looks gorgeous Mel! About the bust darts - they should point to your bust point (fullest part of the bust, could be the nipple) but sit about .5 to 1 inch back from that point. Not right on top. So it sounds like they might be in the right spot. You are making me covet some Funkis by the way ;)

  3. I love this on you - it looks like it fits really well :) Pretty fabric too

  4. Mel, you are the queen of the party peplum frock! I love this with your clutch and clogs. You're rocking this woven like a boss :D