Sunday, 13 July 2014

Overlocker Class and a new scarf

After the overlocker drama with the Anita Ponti Pants (that I'm sure you're sick of hearing about) I realised that my 3 spool Singer overlocker from the 1980s wasn't going to cut it for the type of garments I want to sew....which is stretch stretch stretch. I didn't realize that the 4th spool (aka the "secure stitch") was essential if I intended to sew garments entirely on my overlocker. Whoops.

A quick skim on Gumtree saw me racing up to the Central Coast to collect a Bernina 800DL...pre-loved, but less than half the price of a new one. SOLD! Full disclosure: I choose this machine in particular as Susan has the same one...if the machine totally poops itself I can go crying to Susan (sorry Susan)!

Before I started using the machine it went in for a service at the Bernina Sewing Centre in Chatswood and on the day I picked it up I took part in an overlocker class run by the store. This class is EXCELLENT (best $60 I've ever spent) and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's not just for Benina machines so if you have any hesitation in using your overlocker then this is the class for you.

During the class we learnt SO much about how to use our overlockers.  I can thread up it no worries, and I know how to set it up to do a rolled hem LIKE A BOSS! I can oil it, change the needle, disengage the knife...oh, so many things!

I was super keen to use the machine as soon as I got home - particularly the "rolled hem function", so after the class I ran up to Tessuti in Chatswood and went straight for the remnant bin. I found a nice piece of poly something-or-other for $10 that I thought would make a nice scarf.

I retheaded the overlocker in black thread LIKE A BOSS, and then removed one of the needles, and set it up for a rolled hem by following the instructions in my manual.  Within about 15 minutes I had myself a great new scarf . I LOVE the way the rolled hem looks.

And here I am wearing it and totally loving myself sick! This was such a quick, gratifying project and perfect for me as I love scarfs and wear one nearly every day when the weather permits. I thought the Poly might feel a little scratchy against my skin, but it feels quite lovely.

I also love my Bernina 800DL...

I love my new scraf so much that I wore it out to brunch the very next day...and I didn't spill egg on it (not that you'd notice with this crazy pattern)!

Oh Bernina 800DL...I cannot wait until we meet again!

Spoiler alert: the very next weekend I sat at my overlocker to make a toile of the Lady Skater Dress and the machine fought me at EVERY turn. Talk about machine issues!  I now hate my Bernina 800DL...why has it betrayed me?


  1. Welcome to the world of Bernina - they rock! Love the scarf, and a rolled hem :)

  2. If there is one reason to buy a machine, it's that Susan has it. Totally agree! I hope you called her straight up to find out what was going on with your machine after Lady Skater hell.
    Anyway, love the scarf. May there be many more of those in your future.

  3. Yay for a quick project to get you back on track but BOO for your Bernina decding otherwise! Hope you both make froends again soon ;)

  4. One day a small thread floated into the lower looper area and my overlocker became uncooperative. No matter what I did - nothing.
    The next day, after a good night's sleep, I went back to my overlocker, rethreaded it voila it worked.
    To this day, I still don't know why the episode happened and I expect it will again.

  5. Overlocker Twins!

    We are going to rock so much sewing with our matching overlockers but no matching outfits ok?

  6. Awww, you don't want matching black stretchy outfits? That makes me sad...

  7. They are VERY temperamental machines...does my head in!

  8. I should just call it the Susan 800DL! I decided to try work out my issues myself and by calling Bernina...I don't want to be TOO needy...I'm saving that for a BIG meltdown.

  9. It's a happy world indeed! I love that I could attend a class with them and learn how to use the machine.

  10. Overlockers just try us, not matter what we do. So pleased to see your new purchase as well as doing a course, the scarf is gorgeous.

  11. I'm happy again! I made a Coco on the weekend with NO overlocker dramas at all. Go figure! And people say women are moody...we've got nothing on overlockers let me tell you.

  12. The course was great...I'd highly recommend it to EVERY new overlocker user.