Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lady Skater fail (and an overlocker betrayal)

OK, I'm not going to whinge too much in this post as I think I'm getting a reputation for being a bit of a...whingy whinger, but honestly if you'd just had the overlocker dramas I had making a toile of the Lady Skater bodice then you'd whinge too!

First things first...from the measurements of the Lady Skater it should've fit me by a country mile. From the high bust measurement I should've made a size 6, but for old time sake I went for the largest size (as I just cannot help myself) and it was TOO SNUG! WHAT???

The stunt-ponti I used didn't have much stretch to it so I think if I went with something more drapey and with more stretch I may have better luck. I'm considering if I should give this another whirl in a different fabric...I'll get back to you on this one!

I actually think my overlocker does not like this thick type of Ponti as it battled me at every turn! Have a look at this...

and this...


After an hour of threading and re-threading the overlocker the red looper kept unthreading...arrrgggh! I finally rang Bernina who said to make sure that I was threading the overlocker in the correct order (loopers then needles)! Rookie mistake (that I'll never make again).

So that is problem number 1 solved but then the overlocker wouldn't stitch missed a lot of stitches meaning the garment wasn't securely sewn. I went over each row of stitching twice just to be "safe".

I actually think a lot of these issues were to do with the fabric as I've since sewn a dress in a different, thinner fabric with NO problems at all (same needle and not rethreading the machine). Talk about temperamental.


  1. I think you're right - it's the fabric. I also made a Lady Skater from a particularly non stretchy stretch fabric and to be honest every time I put it on it's like wearing a girdle, but it does easy in with body heat. Do try the skater again with a stretchier fabric - it's such a brilliant every day pattern!

  2. Catherine Alekna16 July 2014 at 19:11

    Hmm this is why I don't have an over locker or sew with stretchy fabric! But even with regular, lets say less then 20% stretch fabric I use a regular straight stitch and a stretch needle. I guess that's an obvious question then - we're you using the right needle? Can you change needles on an overlocker? What if you try over-casting on your normal machine and then sewing the pieces together with straight stitch? Could be a good work around. And good ponte shouldn't fray anyway, so you could skip the whole over casting/locking anyway

  3. I'm chiming in to also say that it's probably your fabric! Not in terms of your overlocker nightmare - I don't have one - but your fit issues with the LS dress. Try a more stretchy jersey and you'll hopefully have a better fit. I only know this as I used a polyester ponti for my Coco and it's truly hideous, then I used a more drapey cotton jersey and it's fine. Good luck!

  4. You earnt that reputation with all the stress of learning to sew (the rest of us set up the blog after we'd had a go!) Good luck fixing it and a great cautionary tale as my overlocker (with it's own DVD) is coming soon! I have a class booked too and I'll ask about this. The Lady Skater is high on my list!

  5. I agree it is the fabric . I made a dress last year out of ponte and my machine did exactly that, it was skipping stitches like a mo-fo!! Drove me insane! I changed needles so many times and in the end just dealt with the fact that some stitches were missing. I hardly wear the dress now BTW. Some ponte can be very fickle I find.