Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Kunzea Skirt by Sew Knit Love

I've really been enjoying wearing my Rae Skirt - my foray into the land of the woven skirt/elastic waistband has got me wanting more. But being lazy I want an easier option that sewing all the panels together that comes with the Rae Skirt.

I saw the Kunzea Skirt on Instagram somewhere and thought I'd give it a's simply two rectangles of fabric, an enclosed elastic waistband and pockets. I'm sure the entire world, bar me, would just do this without a pattern but I like having a pattern for cutting out and especially so I know the correct placement of the pockets.

Long story short, EPIC FAILURE as the fabric I used (a denim looking cotton bought from Tomato in Tokyo when we were there at the beginning of the year) was just too stiff and the skirt had no drape. If I'd sewn a smaller size, thus using less fabric around my body, it might have been OK but as it was it was just too much fabric to be gathered around my body.

You'd think I'd be upset about this not working out but I've passed it along to a friend who has more curves than me. I think the volume of fabric will sit well on a more curvy figure. I'm really glad it's gone to a good home as I think my friend really likes the skirt.

As for the pattern, the instructions are OK but I think they are lacking in a few areas that may trip up a brand new sewist. I did refer to certain steps in the Rae Skirt pattern to make sure that I was doing things correctly (for example, how much to turn down the waistband).

I'd like to give this skirt another go once I have some nice, drapey fabric.

Kunzea Skirt by Sew Knit Love
Size: J
Modifications:  none.
Fabric: denim looking cotton

Changes for next time: probably would sew a smaller size so I have less fabric happening. 

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