Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A week of me-made

Last week I decided to photograph each me-made outfit I wore...

...not sure why, but I guess I was feeling a bit chuffed that I seem to be wearing me-made more often than not these days!

I'm really enjoying my me-mades as they suit my lifestyle and style - smart, minimal, casual and comfortable. Three years ago, when I started sewing and had SO. MANY. FAILS I never thought I'd have a wardrobe with so many items I'd made myself. I've come a long way!

Sunday: me-made top, skirt, bag and necklace
Monday: me-made top, bag and necklace
Tuesday: me-made top and bag
Wednesday: me-made top, skirt, bag and necklace
Thursday: me-made skirt, bag and necklace
Friday: me-made dress and bag 
Saturday: me-made top and bag

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