Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oslo Cardigan #2

I made this cardigan about a month or so ago but haven't written about it as I don't like it (it's already been donated to charity) much meh!

I think the problem is down to bad fabric choice and making a size too big (again). The fabric is a Viscose/Poly/Spandex from Tessuti that I had originally bought for a toile of my Linden Sweaterdress. I decided it wasn't quite right for the dress but would be great for a cardigan. I was wrong.

The fabric is very thick...almost the cardigan has no drape. In hindsight this would've been better for a pencil skirt...or a sheath dress (if I wore that sort of thing and/or had a workable pattern for it).

I also really feel that this pattern NEEDS pockets...I wish that Collette had included them with the pattern.

I'm not sure if I'll make this cardigan again. I mean it FITS which is always good; so perhaps I will size down and use a drapier fabric for it if I do decide to go there again.

Pattern: Oslo Cardigan by Seamwork Magazine
Size: XL with the length left at size 3XL
Modifications: reduced the length of the cuff by half
Fabric: Viscose/Poly/Spandex from Tessuti
Changes for next time: add in some pockets and try it in a more "jumper-like" material. Go down a size

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