Thursday, 24 March 2016

"Our Fave Top" by Tessuti

How great is this fabric that I picked up from The Fabric Muse during one of my lunch breaks. Rhetorical question as it's obviously fantastic! The print is so pretty and the fabric (polyester/spandex) feels so nice. I initially bought 90cm for another Maria Denmark Kimono Top but after feeling the two way stretch and drape of the fabric I thought it would do nicely as Tessuti's "Our Fave Top".

I've made this top once before and the underarms/sleeves have been widened to accommodate my ample "guns". I also decided to lengthen the sleeve pattern by 2cm and add a cuff. I think I could make the lower arms a bit wider still and the cuffs are a smidgen too tight (as I decided to make the cuffs 1cm smaller as I didn't want them to be loose and messy looking - if I'd just left well enough alone the top would be perfect - d'oh) but the fabric is SO stretchy that hopefully they'll not be too uncomfortable when I wear the top.

As my overlocker is playing up a bit I decided to stay stitch the neckline before overlocking as I didn't want the fabric to stretch out and be ruined. I think I should unpick the stay-stitching as it looks a bit messy on the inside now. I'm going to drop my overlocker in for a service next week and I shall miss it dearly whilst it's gone.

With the hem, as with my first version of this top, I decided to roll the hem with my overlocker...because I'm lazy! As I was sewing I kept thinking "ah, f**k, it's stretching out and I've ruined the top", but as soon as I finished and pulled it off the machine I LOVED the fluted finish to the hem. LOVE. IT!

So, whilst not perfect in sewing or fit I do love this top, mainly as I think the fabric is so well suited to the pattern and the print is just so lovely. I'm really going to enjoy wearing this once the weather cools down a bit more.

** I'm wondering if I have forward sloping shoulders (or something) as it's very obvious when on that this top is twisting and something funky is happening when I wear it???


Pattern: "Our Fave Top" by Tessuti
Size: One size fits...most
Modifications: added 1cm to each sleeve piece which continued under the arm and tapered off to zero at the bust. Lengthened sleeve by 2cm and added a cuff.
Fabric: Flashing Lights & Florals Printed Jersey (95% polyester and 5% spandex) from The Fabric Muse in Chippendale
Changes for next time: none, though leave the cuff piece as I've already drafted and don't make it smaller.

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