Saturday, 16 January 2016

Two more Kimono Tees - it's LOVE

As soon as I finished my (very) wearable toile of my new Maria Denmark Kimono Tee I raced over to Tessuti in Chatswood to procure myself some nice t-shirt fabric. I was really REALLY wanting a nice black t-shirt to go with my Lady Skater Skirts; but as is always the way when fabric shopping something else also caught my now I have two brand new tees.

The black tee is pretty much what I was hoping for; though the neckline does not look as good (nor is it finished as well as) my wearable toile. D'oh. I think the use of my beloved Wondertape to turn the neckline under (rather than pinning) makes the zigzag stitch lose it's stretch (and thus makes the neckline prone to stretching out) and one side of the neckline isn't stitched down quite right. I'm going to go the extra step given in the Mandy Boat Tee and sew the little dart thingy at the shoulder seam to tidy things up and bring the neckline in a bit as it's a smidge to big (on both tops).

As threatened with my first try at this pattern I sewed the sides up at the hips with a larger seam allowance to make it more snug in that area. As I intend to wear this top with floaty skirts a floaty/loose top will not do and I don't like tucking tops into pants/skirts as it doesn't suit me.

The fabric is called Hashtag Black from Tessuti and it is a very nice 92% Viscose +  8% Spandex Jersey Knit. It was really nice to sew with and irons up easily. So all in all I'd call this tee a win, though I only 90% love it does to aforementioned neckline issues.

As I was looking around the store this LOVELY fabric (Italian printed 97% Viscose + 3% Spandex jersey knit - swoon) caught my eye and it would've been rude to leave it behind (plus it's Tessuti sale time so spend spend spend)! This type of print is right up my alley and I adore it. I have enough left of this fabric to make another tee when this one dies (planning ahead).

The same comments apply to this as for the black shirt - not 100% happy with the neckline and will do the little dart thing to bring the neckline in a bit (though it's sewn better than the black one...) and will make my next Kimono Tee sans Wondertape and see how we go. I also sewed this with a wider seam allowance on the side seams and like the way it fits (though had to go and BUY a denim skirt to wear with it as I don't have one).

I think this top would work well extended into a dress so I'm going to give that a go. We're going on a short cruise holiday in March and I think that sort of dress would be perfect for sipping cocktails besides the pool. I'd also like to figure out how to extend the sleeves to make it something I can wear in cooler weather.

Pattern: "Kristen Kimono Tee" by Maria Denmark
Size: size 3XL (no seam allowance added); with size 4XL at the shoulders
Modifications: sewn a larger seam allowance at the hips - about 1.5cm.
Fabric: Black: Hashtag Black from Tessuti (92% Viscose + 8% Spandex Jersey Knit). Patterned:
Fantasia (Italian printed - 97% Viscose + 3% Spandex jersey knit)
Changes for next time: forgo the use of Wondertape; and maybe try sewing it with a neckband.

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