Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lady Skater Circle Skirt

This skirt was actually meant to be a Lady Skater Dress but a fail with the neckband (me be sloppy in my sewing and not really caring about the dress as the material was looking a bit "too much for a dress") has resulted in a Lady Skater Skirt. I cannot say that I'm unhappy.

This is a pretty simple make....the skirt portion of the pattern, a 5cm elastic waistband and an overlocker rolled-hem.

I don't think there's an easier skirt I could've made. That said I did spend quite a bit of time adjusting the settings on the overlocker to get the rolled hem looking as good as I could -- it's still not 100%, with a bit of pulling/gathering down there that I hope will work itself out ASAP.  I'm paranoid about elastic waistbands being too loose...or too tight so I faffed with this for a while too.

Because I had shortened the bodice of the Lady Skater Dress previously I had already added 2.5cm to the skirt to compensate for the loss of length. I will be making this skirt again and I'm going to add more length - perhaps 5cm. As you can see from the side shot my well-sized bum is making the skirt ride up at the back...more than I find acceptable.

I thought this skirt would give "good twirl" but nope...

There's not much more to say about this make other than I'm pretty chuffed. I really like circle skirts and I've wanted to make one ever since I started sewing but my waist is pretty big so patterns didn't tend to fit me. I'm so terrible at maths I my brain melted when I had to figure out the numbers to make my own pattern, and yes, even the By Hand London circle skirt app failed me (waist too big Miss Jane)!

Pattern: "Lady Skater Skirt" by Kitschy Coo
Size: 8, sewn with 3/8" seam allowance
Modifications: elastic waistband and lengthened by 2.5cm
Fabric: some sort of knit from Addicted to Fabric (Canberra)
Changes for next time: Will add some more length to the skirt, maybe 5cm?

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