Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another Gabby...

Behold! I've made ANOTHER knit Gabby Dress. I made this Gabby after my first two attempts to make a dress for the upcoming Frocktails party in Melbourne failed miserably due to many many many struggles with my overlocker (turns out the needles needed to be change - if only I knew that $80 of fabric ago). Whilst I think this dress is...."okay", there's just something about it I don't love enough to be able to wear it to a special night like Frocktails.

This time I around I bit the bullet and cut my Gabby Dress pattern to a size smaller, so this dress is pretty much a size M all over, rather than the L I usually make and take in about 100 times until it fits. I could probably make a size S, but let's not go too crazy. I left the shoulders at a size L as I didn't want the arm holes to be too small. Wise move.

The fabric I used is from Tessuti (bought on sale at for 30% off). I do like this fabric (it's very cozy to wear), but am also wondering if it looks a bit like the bed quilt fabric from the 80s...or maybe brocade curtains?

I often find the short sleeves on this dress (or any dress) quite difficult to finish as I have to maneuver the sleeves through my overlocker and sewing machine. This time I overlocked the raw sleeve edge and sewed the sleeve hem before I sewed up the side seam. I'm sure this is cheating, but it was a stress-less way for me to finish my sleeves so I'm happy with it.

I'm really cross at myself for not adding a neckband to this dress as the neck has stretched out which is the primary reason I'm not loving the dress. It feels...homemade, in a bad way.  When I noticed the neck had stretched I did steam it vigorously with the iron, and give it a wash in the machine and a turn in the dryer and it has shrunk a bit, but it's still wonky. I wonder if I could add a neckband retrospectively...or if I should make this dress into something else (not sure what yet).

In other exciting sewing news I visited Tessuti today and am finally the proud owner of a Tailor's Ham! Curved seams are totally going to be my bitch now *insert evil laugh*!

Pattern: "Gabby Dress" by Tessuti
Size: M, sewn with 3/8" seam allowance and left at a size L at the shoulders. The hem is 1"(behold my knees people)!
Modifications: none
Fabric: Cotton/Poly/Elastaine from Tessuti
Changes for next time: ADD A NECKBAND YOU WALLY!


  1. I think it looks fantastic! Why couldn't you wear it to Frocktails? I would. And no it doesn't look like a bedspread at all! I have a skirt in similar fabric and it really is super comfortable.

    Lovely work. You sew such beautiful things.

  2. This is freaking stylish, Mel! I love your eye for fabric which play up the lines of your garments. Rock this to Frocktails like a boss and have a martini for me! xx

  3. I agree, this is perfect for Froctktails! The dress looks great and the fit is spot on. I also would never have noticed the neck if you didn't point it out. Lovely!!

  4. Carolyn Nicolas23 July 2015 at 22:07

    You could wear this dress anywhere - it looks lovely on you! I understand about necklines having just removed one and cut a fresh one out. I think you could still add one if it made you feel more comfortable in your dress. It would be a shame not to wear such a pretty dress!