Saturday, 16 May 2015

Me-made May - the half way point

We're halfway through me-May Made and so far so good. My pledge is pretty lame (just one me-made item per week) and I've already exceeded that well and truly. Before I started the month I thought it would be a struggle to wear my hand-sewn I feel that they look crafty and home-made, but a few unsolicited compliments on a few items has boosted my confidence.

So far this is what I've worn:

Week 1:

Knit Gabby Dress worn on my day off work. Partook in a spot of shopping and brunch at a new local cafe. Pretty comfy dress, but I don't particular like the "feel" of this fabric, bit stiff and feels cheap and the hem is not very well sewn (needs to have been a bigger hem). I feel like EVERYONE knew I was wearing a homemade craft public!
Mandy Boat Tee worn to a sewing class at Tessuti 'cos I"m a suck up....LOL. I had to resew all the seams before I could wear this as it was falling apart due to being sewn on 3 spool overlocker....result it's a bit dodgy but I still love this top as the fabric is great.
My first ever Mabel skirt worn to work. I'm not a fan of stockings with skirts as too many layers on my tummy makes my gut hurt BUT this was comfy and my colleague told me she likes me skirt. She is now my favouirte colleague (yes, I'm shallow).
Sick day = Linden Sweatshirt and naps on the couch.
Mandy Boat Tee worn to work with Ponti leggings (from Sussan). I LOVE this top but I wish I'd made it a bit longer as it's too short to be worn with such fitted pants. Still not sure if I should've added elastic to the shoulder seam or not? Fabric is from Tessuti.
Another Mabel skirt worn to work - loving this silhouette as a work outfit and it's pretty comfy but looks put together. The skirt was made during May so hasn't been blogged yet (Tessuti fabric yet again).

Saturday brunch in Surry Hills with my niece followed by a spot of fabric shopping in my new, but already beloved Mandy Boat Tee. I like this top much better with my jeans - not so many butt exposure issues as the jeans are looser than the Ponti Pants.
Week 2

A wearable muslin of Tessuit's "Our favouirte top" worn out to lunch with friends on Sunday. Not blogged yet, but a fairly successful make I think though the fabric is not very breathable so it's a tad hot.
My ponti Casual Lady Dress worn to work...pretty comfortable and the short sleeves means I don't melt now that the "heater wars" at work have started. Still desperate to find more ponti to make another of these as I REALLY like it even though the wonky neck and sleeve bands make it feel a bit....crafty.
One of my two remaining Coco dresses that I made last year. I've put on weight since last year so this one just fits (as I can stretch the fabric) whilst the other one is rather....snug! Not that comfortable at first as the ribbon stabilizing the seam bugs me but as the day worn on I forgot about it.
Thoughts: I found week one much easier than week two for some reason. I think seeing everyone's me-made May efforts as the month got going made me feel like a bit of a sewing underachiever. That said I've pumped out quite a few good garments so far this May so I'm happy that the challenged has motivated me to sew. Having put on a it of weight since this time last year is also generally making getting dressed each day a bit of a challenge. Lite n Easy starts next week! Blergh.

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  1. I'm just loving your outfits! And for the record, none of the above
    outfits appears crafty/homemade. I think they all have a stylish modern
    vibe and look great on you :D.