Sunday, 3 August 2014

The "Yum/Yuck" Pocket Full of Posies Dress

If this dress was a dish on Masterchef I have no doubt that Matt Preston would be referring it to a "yum/yuck" dish. And you're right Matt...I cannot figure out if I love it or hate it either!

The pattern is the "pocket full of posies dress" by Blank Slate Patterns. I don't even know where I stumbled across this pattern but somehow it ended up on one of my Pinterest boards. I was attracted to it as I LOVE a dress with big pockets (or any pockets) and it's designed for knits...and I love knits. Whilst I'm loving sewing my Coco dresses I don't want to be a one trick pony and I thought this pattern would allow me to mix things up a bit.

The fabric is a fluke find from Lincraft and it's so ugly that it's fabulous. It feels fantastic and I'm kinda cross with myself that I didn't save this for a "proper dress" rather than a toile. SO. MUCH. REGRET.

Overall I think I like the concept of this dress...but it's a bit long, and possibly shapeless on me. I went for the longer version as I'm fairly tallish...but I think it has made the dress a bit too frumpy. I "could" cut the band off and shorten the dress but that does seem like a lot of effort. I think it'll most likely become an "around the house dress". I initially sewed the largest size but I took it in from about the bust down the hem - leaving the sleeves and underarms the same size as the pattern suggests.

I really love the pockets. They are HUGE and came together fairly easily although I think the pattern needed a few extra steps for me to make it a really simple sew. Lucky Dave was home when I was sewing this as he stepped in to help work out which way things where supposed to go in the absences of enough photos/pattern instructions for me.

Like I said the pockets are HUGE! Not only can you have a pocket full of posies, you can pop your handheld vaccuum clenaer in there, your pot plants...heck forget about using a handbag! You don't need it with these mammoth pockets.

There are quite a few layers to sew through at the front of the dress when attaching the neckline due to the four pleats and also where the center front attaches to the pocket facing thingy-ma-jiggy.  Or is it where the side pieces attach to the pocket facing thingy-ma-jiggy and then that attaches to the centre front?'s just BULKY is what I'm trying to say. And bulky = whoopy-all-over-the-place sewing.

There is also some drooping at the front of the neckband which you can see below. I'm thinking that this is because it's too loose? Seriously people, what is the problem here as I do have this issue A LOT.

If you look closely you can also see that bulkiness of the pleats and that the side piece/pocket piece/center front (or whatever piece attaches to whatever) probably need to be topstiched down - but the pattern doesn't mention this from memory so it didn't get done. I think this is adding to the bulk.

So there you have it. The dress fits, and is a fairly easy sew, but needs to be shortened if I make it again and also taken in a bit. I also need to take my time and sew it a bit neater.

What do you think - should I give it another whirl?


  1. So glad you're having fun sewing Mel. Give is another go. Dark colour print is a goer. Maybe a solid colour if you feel up to it. Then decide if you want to keep it.
    And now you have a place to keep your dust buster on weekends.
    Great smile.

  2. Wow those pockets are huge. I am wondering if you are starting with too large of a size for the shoulders/neckline this would make a difference to how the neckline will sit. Love the fabric!

  3. I'll let everyone else help out with sewing/pattern tips - I just want to love that you can fit the vacuum & pot plant in there - it would definitely get lots of wear down here - it looks too comfy not to! ;) (and IRL & IMHO, a scarf hides many neckline missteps ;) )

  4. I think that this shape is actually good on you, it would look great with a drapy waterfull cardi. Have you thought about making one? I think it is a good knit project that you might enjoy. Swoon have a free pattern.
    With the neck, I'm with Measure Twice. Or it may not have been stretched on enough or perhaps has not recovered, have you tried pressing it with steam to see if it shrinks up?
    Loving the pocket storage, I hate carrying a handbag :)

  5. Fun dress! I actually LOLed at your photos demonstrating how big the pockets are. haha you are awesome! I think you should definitely sew with the pattern again... because what lady wouldn't want another comfy and cute knit dress to add to the wardrobe?!

  6. Yeah! Give it another go!! But you could so easily hem this one up a bit too! And then you'll get to wear it out if the house! and could a belt possibly be employed to help make it less shapeless?

    Either way, lovey work and fantastic pocket demonstrations! Have you ever thought of a career in Infomercials? Haha

  7. I really like this shape on you and definitely think this is worth another make. perhaps we could play the game "guess what's in Melanie's pockets"!

  8. So funny! A shorter length would help balance the loose fit. I think the neck gape issue is a problem of the neck piece being too long. I have had that problem a lot before. I try to just baste on the neck now and see if it works before serging. I often redo it 2 or 3 times before I get the right length. It seems like it should be so easy!