Wednesday, 18 June 2014

High-Vis Pia Dress Toile

I've really been struggling with my sewing lately...for a number of reasons. I guess my main "issues" are that I'm having trouble finding patterns to fit my body, that suit my lifestyle and are what I like to wear. Whilst I love the look of a fit + flare woven dress I just don't wear them. Same goes with woven tees and woven pants. I need ROOM in my clothes to flap my arms about and eat big meals. Couple that with my "year of sewing failures" and various machine meltdowns I'm not a happy sewist lately.

Given that I've invested so much time and money in this hobby (I shudder to think how much I've spent on classes and fabric) I'm NOT ready to throw in the overlocker just yet. So when I saw the lovely Bodhana wearing the relaxed-fit Tessuti Pia Dress at a recent Spoolettes meet up I thought it might be the perfect dress for me.

I decided to use this crazy bright orange fabric that I picked up for $10 for 3 meters at the recent fabric-a-brac market. I'm not really sure why I bought this fabric as it's pretty full's a whole lot of orange! But good news is that it's prefect to make a stunt dress...

Good news is the dress fits...and it has some pretty great pockets. So double YAY!  I've not bothered to finish the dress (so it's not hemmed, nor have I bound the arms or neck) as I'm not going to wear it...that colour is TOO much.

I am definitely going to make this dress again once the weather warms up...but there are few changes I want to make:
  • Take the dress up about 100m as it's REALLY long (I'm almost 5ft 8" and it's nearly on my ankles)
  • Modify the sleeves to be more tank-like as I'm finding this style is restricting my arm movement a bit and it makes me feel like I'm "surrounded by fabric"
  • Make in a more soft, drapey fabric
  • Scoop out the neck a little bit
  • Sew a smaller seam allowance as it's a smidgen snug on my bust and caboose

I really LOVE the pockets on this dress and the way the "bag out". I did have a major spatial meltdown though trying to fit them together as the pocket and pocket facing are two different sizes...which I totally did not realise until I came to put them together.

So watch this space...this dress will be making a comeback once summer rolls around.


  1. I actually kind of love the orange, it's awesome. But yay a pattern that only needs a few changes and you will have one that works! It's hard finding patterns that work for your lifestyle and shape but it can and does happen, don't despair.

  2. See you can do it... Keep at it sweets.... I have this pattern as well, must drag it out..

  3. So glad you are happy with this dress, love the colour but that is me. Can't wait to see the summer version. So what is next?

  4. It's not black or denim so I feel like I should be working on a construction site in this BRIGHT dress! I've made two Coco Dresses next...not sure if I'm going to make a third.

  5. I can sew a garment...but it STILL needs to be tweaked to fit me. That's what's getting me down Charlie Brown.

  6. The orange is SO bright, and so not me. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Now to figure out how to adjust the sleeves without destroying the pattern.

  7. thats the whole point of a toile/muslin.. you keep chipping away until it fits.. I am about to do a dress and I know its going to be at least 2 fittings..I have 3 different sizes to merge into one...

  8. I love this dress, particularly the fabric, I would wear it now with a dark long sleeve scivvy underneath and boots!

  9. That fabric is awesome! I would totally wear that. Of course, I would need 200m off the length as I'm only 5'2'!! Great potential here - love it!!

  10. Catherine Alekna28 June 2014 at 22:32

    ooh i love the fabric! i totally would have done something retro-y with it. But hey look at you! I really like this style of dress, but i think perhaps it would look good in a denim , which i think is how Bodhana made hers? Good work lady - cant wait to see the proper version!

  11. I've just finished making this dress with a light weight wool. I will wear it with a jumper underneath for winter. I too love the pockets.