Friday, 2 May 2014

Denim Ginger Skirt + a zipper class

I find the best way for me to learn a new skill, and to become somewhat confident with it, is to do a class! I suppose if I had a mum or grandmother (or anyone) to teach me how to sew I wouldn't need all these classes...but I do love them. And for me the best way of learning is to be real a real person. None of this YouTube business for yours truly!

I recently enrolled in a "zippers + skirt class" at Sew Make Create in Chippendale. I did learn how to do a few zippers back in my first "learn to sew class" but it's been a long time between zippers.

During the class we practiced three types of zippers: a lapped zipper, a double lapped zipper and an invisible zip. Depending on how we went we could choose what zipper we'd like to go with for our Colette Ginger Skirt. For me, I found the lapped zipper the easiset. I thought my brain was going to explode right out of my head trying to figure out the invisible zippper *pop*.

I pretty much completed the skirt over the two classes that we had (I just had to finish the hem at home) and I'm really happy with it. I didn't think it would fit me (my constant worry when sewing) but it fits really well....and I'm actually going to wear it! I did reduce the seam allowances to 1/2" which definitely helped in it fitting.

The style is "high-waisted" which is not my normal style as I like things to sit a bit lower than my waist.  I also wouldn't normally wear it with my shirt tucked in...but just this once for the blog photos (and so you can see my awesome waistband skills)!  I added 2" to the hem as I thought it was going to be too short, but ended up cutting off 1" during the class as it looked a bit "frumpy". Next time I think I'll just stick with the normal hem length.

I had a bit of trouble with inserting the zipper as the fabric (which I bought from Fabric Cave for $5 for 1.5m) stretched from top to bottom rather than across the grain. This meant that as I was sewing the zipper the fabric kept "growing + stretching" and the zipper ended up with lumps, puckers and bumps (despite adding interfacing to the fabric to make it more stable). After two attempts I had a small tantrum (which we like to refer to as a "throw down" in my house) and the teacher finished putting in the zip for me. Thanks teach!

And outfit change...I really like how the light coloured denim looks with grey (and black too)!

I'm so glad I did this class...not only because I made a great skirt that I'm going to wear  ALOT but because I got to hang out with Pepper, the shop dog at Sew Make Create! Woof.

I've already bought some dark coloured stretch denim for a second Ginger Skirt. Hopefully the zipper will be more cooperative this time!


  1. Go Mel. Sewing zippers now. Excellent.

  2. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to be at your skill level and make things for me (and not babies clothes!)

  3. Go you - winning with zippers!!
    I like this skirt on you too, very flattering :)

  4. That ginger looks amazing! You aced the fit there, like i said to you recently i didnt get a good fit with mine but yours looks fantastic. Great work!

  5. Thank you Emma - I'm never sure if things like this are going to fit until the last stitch is done.

  6. Lapped zippers are IT for me. I'm hoping I'll get better in time (and with fabric that won't dance around when I sew the zipper in)! I'm slowly getting there with a very very small me-made wardrobe. I'm still working threw and find patterns that work for me...

  7. Team Mel is ON FIRE! I'm really happy with the skirt, the style is what I'd buy so it's a win win I think.

  8. LOL Em, my skill level is pretty limited. I was looking at your IG feed last night and you're already making great'd easily conquer something for yourself.

  9. Well zipper....I'm yet to get into double digits....but one day.

  10. Catherine Alekna6 May 2014 at 04:49

    invisible zippers... yes.. i dont 'do' invisible. i just get to use the excuse that their not vintage original. they do my head in too - and they always break!
    I love the 2 skirt! very smart - and i think Tilly would approve of the fabric choice!

  11. this skirt looks so ace! That colour denim is perfect for it's slightly retro shape. So amazing to see your skills growing with every piece you tackle. Go Mel!