Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pink Polkadot #tinyPocketTank

I know, I's another Grainline Tiny Pocket(less) Tank. I think I was at a loose end as to what to sew next so I grabbed this cheap, spotty cotton (?) from my stash cupboard and started another tank top just so I'd have something to sew whilst I contemplated "what's next".

I had no issues in the construction of this version. I think I've mastered the basics of bust darts, using bias binding to finish the neck/arms as well as doing french seams. I've finally found a method of hemming that does not involve bias binding so that's some good progress for me. 

All of that aside, there was something very wrong happening in the bust/dart area of this tank. It's probably difficult to see from the photos but the bust darts/front bodice just weren't sitting quite right and the top has some crazy wrinkles above my bust. I'm not sure what the problem is? Whilst there is a similar "issue" with my floral #tinyPocketTank it's not quite as noticeable as the fabric is softer and the busier pattern hides it.

I've decided to pop this tank into the charity bag. I'm not loving the feel of the fabric and the crazy bust fitting issue drives me bonkers whenever I put the top on. I'm constantly adjusting it and driving myself nuts. It was all good practice, but sadly this top is not a keeper.

If you've got any ideas what my fit issue is here please drop me a note in the comments. I'm seriously stumped. Is the top too big or too small? Are the darts in the wrong spot or perhaps too long...or too short? Have I perhaps lost my mind?


  1. Ughhh bust fitting. This is so timely as I literally just blogged my tiny pocket tank and tried a new way of choosing the size and adjusting the bust and got none of the wrinkles! I nearly didn't make this tank because it seems such a common fitting issue. Not sure it will help but I covered some of the info in the post. It might be worth a try!

  2. I top your mono-nipple with my own triple-nipple! SO frustrating...but it's all a learning curve or something like that.

  3. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with the same fit issue (plus the issue of the front being super low). You went to such effort to make your top fit perfectly...I'm impressed!

  4. Aw, too bad. But, maybe it will fit somebody well who buys it! Its so hard to tell if the top is too big and the fabric is pooling and creating those creases or if the top is too small and pulling creating those creases. How helpful was that? ;)

  5. It's off to St Vinnies now so hopefully someone will like it. Who knows what those creases are. On to the next disaster I say!

  6. That's a good idea re the pinning! The Wiken is too small for me...I'd need to someone figure out how to make the pattern bigger *brain explodes*.