Thursday, 23 January 2014

Out + about with my Daisy Print "Party Peplum Dress"

So even though I am pretty happy with my Daisy Print "Party Peplum Dress I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it out of the house. I am so proud of this make (I finished something and it kinda fits!) but wearing it scares the bejesus out of me!

  • Would it be comfortable? 
  • Would it simply fall apart when I was out in public because of my novice sewing skills?  
  • Should I pack a spare dress in my handbag in case of a wardrobe malfunction (yes, I really thought this)?
  • Would people think I was wearing something tacked together by a 5 year old? 

I'm pleased to report I wore this on my second last day of Christmas holidays for a day of shopping and eating. Nothing bad happened and I even got a compliment from the lovely ladies at The Fabric Cave who loved my dress and thought it looked pretty well made! Win.

I've also worn it for a second time out to brunch...nothing bad happened!

Wearing it all day though did highlight some issues - namely I find it a bit tight around the arm holes/bust. I also think as the bodice is too long and as my butt is quite big it makes the back bodice "bunch up" a bit. My butt is stopping the bodice hanging to its full length. And the skirt is not an even length the whole way around - going "up" at the sides (which makes sense given that's the way the peplum-ness of it should happen).

So maybe this is a semi-win after all?


  1. Measure Twice Cut Once23 January 2014 at 17:36

    It is lovely, and now that you have one me made piece you will have the confidence to make more!

    So excited to know you are at the beginning of a huge journey filled with sewing awesomeness! yay!

  2. Yayyy. Its awesome though that you made something that can be worn! Its a really cute dress. I remember feeling really really weird the first time I wore something I made in public, like I had a massive blinking sign on my back. I also find I need to wear something a few times to really work out how it fits, despite trying it on for what feels like a billion times during the sewing process. Everything you sew will just get better and better. You must do a me-made-may when you are ready - its great to build confidence and get masses of encouragement for wearing our "me-mades". And this post by Lena is awesome encouragement too

  3. Yay, isn't it great when you sew something and actually want to wear it somewhere besides for sleeping? I find most things need altering after being worn for a day, whether you sewed it yourself or it is RTW. The every day actions/movement highlight the areas that don't fit really well, but often, it's pretty easy to tweak these issues.

  4. I checked the seams when I got home just to be sure all was OK.

    My whole body is wonky. I think my issue with the arm holes is to do with uneven shoulders.

  5. I agree about needing a wear a garment for a good period of time to figure out if it's comfy or not...I'm not good at tweaking yet, but I'll get there!

  6. I saw that post of Lena's -- it was great and I'm not going too hard on myself at all (much). I'm about to finish a tank top soon that I am going to wear into the office - eep!