Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Adventures in Sewing #4 - a revamped (now too small) skirt

Every now and then I like to do a tour of the local op shops to see if anything jumps out at me...or more truthfully to see if there are any bargains in my size. Sometimes I get lucky, but not very often.

I recently spied this GREAT skirt and fell in love with the 70s style fabric. The skirt was obviously home-made and the previous owner had done such a great job on it. It was pretty obvious looking at it though that it was going to be miles too big for me. So I bought it anyway.

I figured now that I had my own sewing machine at home...and now that I could sort of sew...I could perhaps unpick the skirt and remake it to fit me.  As I was unpicking I took very careful note of how the previous owner had stitched it all together. Even though the fabric is stretchy they didn't use an overlocker at all which was good to see as I don't have one. They just did a simple straight stitch up the sides and a finished hand sewn hem. Noice one!

I didn't have a pattern to use so I sort-of made my own by measuring around my waist and adding a few centimeters for the seam allowance. I attempted to make the skirt into a bit of an A-line shape...but I didn't A-line it enough as it's a tad...snug...on my hips/bum/thighs. I had SO much fabric to play with that I wish I'd cut it a bit bigger! I'm really annoyed with myself.

I was pretty chuffed that I got to bust out my new twin needle which I used to hem the skirt. It turned out pretty well, although the machine was "jumping" in a few places so the hem is a tad skewif in some parts.

So whilst I technically "made" a skirt I don't think I'll be wearing it.  Off to the charity bin it goes.

Watch this space as I am DETERMINED to make something soon that I can actually wear, something that actually fits me.

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