Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Cropped Kyoto Vest

I made my first Kyoto Vest back in June 2017 and it has been a wardrobe workhorse since then (though not this year as I've not actually left the house to go to work during winter at all). I remember back in 2017 thinking a short, black Kyoto Vest would be great for wearing over dresses.

I was sure I had bought the boiled wool and wool binding for this short version but could not find it anywhere so embarked a new project with some boiled wool from a fabric swap (didn't have enough fabric so had to piece it together) and some poly-binding kindly donated by Amy (thank you for being so generous Amy). The binding was a bit too stiff so I ended up putting the project aside.

About 4 weeks later I was rearranging my sewing storage and found the wool and binding I had been storing since 2017 and now we have a black, short Kyoto Vest. The wool binding is from Ribbon Kids on ETSY - I 100% recommend them as they are very reasonably priced when compared to what is available in-store here.

I do like this but, for me, it's not as comfortable as the longer version for some reason. I made the armholes bigger than the pattern provides - but I think they could've been a bit bigger still. The armholes on the unaltered pattern feel very high and small. Don't tell anyone but I have kind of stretched the armholes a bit just by pulling on them (shhh, don't tell).

It seems like such an effort to get properly dressed with hair and makeup done just for a few blog photos so here I am in a tunic I would wear to work; worn over tracksuit pants with three day old hair and no make-up anywhere near this face. Living that Covid-19 life.

PatternKyoto Vest by Tessuti
Size: XL, shorter version
Modifications:  made the arm holes bigger (but not big enough)
Fabric: boiled wool from Tessuti (I think) & wool binding form Ribbon Kids on ETSY
Changes for next time: none...except for the armhole modification

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