Sunday, 3 November 2019

Helen's Closet - Blackwood Cardigan

I've not done a lot of sewing this year...for a few reasons.

Firstly, I just don't feel like it. I have enough clothes so making things seems pointless. And then I've lost a bit of weight and in just wanting stuff that fits "right now" I've been shopping for any new things I need (or want) like pants (which I don't tend to sew anyway). For me shopping is still the quickest and easiest way to fill wardrobe gaps. And, perhaps the biggest reason is that back in February our unit was flooded during a great big storm in Sydney. Whilst my sewing area was OK we had to move everything out of the flooded rooms and into the dining room so we could repair the flood damaged rooms...and the dining room is where I sew. We're on the last leg of fixing up the flat with just the study repairs to in 2020 perhaps I'll have sewing space again.

All of that aside I have sewn two versions of the Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan. I've sewn the XXL in the original release (Helen has now also re-released the pattern with a plus-sized option). This first version is made in a stretchy, textured cotton knit from My Hung Fabrics. It was actually a bit big in the sleeves when I finished it so I washed it in hot water and put it the dryer...perfect fit now. 

My second version was sewn up at a Spoolettes sewing day where the chosen pattern for the day was the Blackwood Cardigan. I have had this fabric (from Cabramatta) in my stash for AGES...desperate to make something with it, but what? I've sewn the XXL again and I knew the sleeves would be OK as this fabric has less stretch than the black fabric from my first Blackwood.


PatternHelen's Closet - Blackwood Cardigan 
Size: size XXL
Modifications: none
Fabric: Various from My Hung and from Cabrmatta

Changes for next time: none 

Monday, 4 March 2019

Another Megan Neilsen #VeronikaSkirt

I first made this pattern (Megan Nielsen's Veronika Skirt) back in September 2017. Not sure why I waited so long to make another as it's a simple make, it fits and is a useful piece to have in the wardrobe??

You may recongise this fabric - I made a Simplicy 1366 dress-hack out of it back in August 2017. I LOVED the fabric so much but actually never ever wore the dress as it just to me. I think it was the fabric - it works well as a skirt, but a 95% polyester dress #abortmission! I had also made that dress a fraction too long and just could not be bothered to rehem it.

Anyhoo - I wore this to work the day after I made it. I LOVED it and felt really great in it but a few colleagues didn't think so highly of now I'm doubting it; and feel a bit too self-conscious about it to wear it to work again. I don't understand the problem as the fabric is so cool; and the shape is great. Does it look overly home-eccy because I didn't hem it? I guess that's a lesson that if you don't want to know the answer (do you like my skirt?) don't ask the question. 


PatternMegan Nielsen's Veronika Skirt 
Size: size XL
Modifications: added 1" to the length
Fabric: Printed Mercury Jersey Fabric from Lincraft (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex)

Changes for next time: none

Monday, 25 February 2019

Clutch Class at Sew Make Create

Not much (or any) sewing has taken place this year, but I did attend a Clutch Class at Sew Make Create towards the end of 2018. In the class we made two clutches and it was a good chance to use some small pieces of fabric that had been languishing in the stash for a little too long.

The first clutch was a simple little lined purse. There was an option to add in box corners to make it more of a make-up bag, but I wanted to use my for work. I added in a fabric loop, d-ring, and strap to make it functional for running around at work when I need to have my hands free. I've used it quite a lot at work and it's really useful. It's starting to wear now so I might make another one day as I have quiet a bit of the outer fabric left (if I remember how to do the dreaded zipper - honestly, I've done SO many classes with zippers and still can manage it well on my {especially when there's lining to test my spatial abilities too}).

The outer fabric is from Spotlight, and the lining is the chambray that I bought from The Fabric Store to toile my Dress #1 (I hated it so chopped it up to use for other things). Pretty sure the zippers came from Lincraft?

The second clutch is a little fold-over number. I wanted the option to use it as a clutch, or a bag, so I added two fabric tabs and d-rings and bought a cooper handbag chain from Voodoo Rabbit. I also couldn't resist buying the twee little handmade tab so that everyone knows that yes, I made this myself (and NO I won't make one for you)!

The outer fabric is a remnant that I bought from Marimekko about 18 months ago. Their fabric is SO expensive that even this tiny sliver of fabric cost about $20! The lining fabric was bought from Tomato in Tokyo back when I thought I'd be sewing lots of tops and dresses out of woven fabric - ah, how clueless I was back then. I have quiet a bit of both fabrics left over so can repeat this purse at any time. The leather is a nice suede bought from The Fabric Store which is where I also bought the zipper from.

I'm not 100% happy with this bag as one of the fabric tabs is longer than the other and it kills my brain to look at it. I've also not yet used the bag as I'm not sure the depth of it is very practical. BUT I do have it hanging on a hook on the wall at the end of my bed so I can look at it constantly.

I really enjoyed this two day workshop and I especially loved walking away at the end of each class with a finished clutch...very satisfying!