Thursday 31 December 2020

Make Nine 2021 (+ 3 more)

I have a lot of sewing ideas floating around in my head so thought I'd do a Make Nine for 2021. 

I have the majority of these patterns but have never sewn them so my Make Nine will focus on new to me patterns (although I also have a bunch on TNTs on my mind also that I want to sew). In 2021 I will endeavour to reach for fabric in my stash before buying new fabrics 😂 and (so far) need fabric for just one of them.

Pona Jacket - Helen's Closet
- I have a nice black linen cotton from Spotlight earmarked for this.

Glebe Pants - Muna & Broad
- these are already cut out in a linen/poly blend from MyHung. Just starting to overlock all of the edges.

Sea Change Top* - Lily Sage
- not sure which fabric for this; but I have a lot in the stash to choose from.

Lodo Dress - True Bias
- I have a blue ponti in the stash; and some scraps of woven "stuff" laying around that can be used for the facings.

Amara Vest - Tessuti
- will use a boiled wool remnant bought from Tessuti.

Nullarbor Cami * - Muna & Broad
- I have something in the stash to test this with AND if it works I have a big Gorman sarong given to me as a gift that I'd like to sew up into this cami.

Kelio Wrap Dress - Named Patterns
- there's got to be something in the stash to toile this.

Bardon Dress° -  Peppermint Magazine & Elbe Textiles
- this will be a shopping trip...oh well, it has to be done!

Ida Clutch - Kylie and the Machine
- I have some leather; and also some denim to first toile this in. 

* will need to buy the pattern
° will need to buy some fabric (oh what a shame)

Ofcourse, the day after coming up with my Make Nine I thought of three more "new things" to tackle in 2021...

Esme Maxi Cardian - Named Patterns 
- I have a fluffy grey knit bought from Nomura Tailor in Kyoto that's been put aside for years for this pattern!

Ninni Cullotes - Named Patterns
- I have a Plissé fabric from Spotlight to try this in...

- these are by Muna & Broad; but I've not yet settled on a pattern, although I have a few knit scraps set aside to try out.

I already know that I want end up sewing all of these - it's easy to get distracted by other projects; or tojust decide you cannot be bothered to proceed with something chosen earlier in the year. Watch this space though!

Friday 11 December 2020

Wiksten Haori Jacket #2

I had always intended to make a shorter Wiksten Haori Jacket and had cut one out a while ago in this lovely slub-denim from Spotlight. And then it sat on my "to be sewn" shelf. I had been given some cute lining from Catherine and then spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted the sleeves to look rolled up; as well as how I wanted the pockets to look.

Last week I went out for a work dinner - it was hot, but also a bit cool (ugh, Sydney weather) and I realised I didn't have a light jacket....which is how I came to make this unlined Wiksten Haori Jacket. 

I have made the size L (a size smaller than my first Haori) and changed the pocket style - they are unlined (but the top is reinforced with some iron-on-webbing-stuff from Spotlight). I like the way that sewing the sides of the pocket into the jacket results in a nicer looking finish than I can get with a patch pocket.

As I was sewing this and trying on mid-make I wasn't so sure about it. I was feeling certain it wasn't going to fit but once the neck-band is on (that I halved in width) it's a good fit. I did sew the side seams a little wider in order to fit all the bulk of the pockets etc...but it fits and the more I try it on the more I like it. Like last time I halved the collar width but I decided not to interface it as I didn't want it to be stiffer than the rest of the jacket.


Pattern: Haori Jacket by Wiksten
Size: L, short-length
Modifications: halved the collar width, changed the pocket style, shortened sleeves 3cm, unlined
Fabric: Slub Denim from Spotlight 
Changes for next time: ?

Peppermint Wrap Skirt becomes a Sew DIY Lela Skirt

More rummaging in the stash cupboard unearthed this lightweight denim/chambray fabric. Not sure why I bought it, or when, but I think it's from Spotlight?

I decided to try the free #peppermintWrapSkirt from Peppermint Magazine designed by In the Folds. I sewed the size "I" which I think is a size or two too big at the hips so it was a bit puffy there. It seemed like too much effort to adjust this (undoing French seams and waistband removal) so I decided to reuse the fabric for another new-to-me skirt pattern. The wrap skirt was VERY long so I had enough fabric (with some tetris) to make into something new.

I was happy though to be able to practise my button holes with the wrap skirt. It had been so long since I did a buttonhole (and I do them so rarely) that I forgot exactly what to do so got Dave to read the machine instructions as my brain was malfunctioning. We got there in the end!

So my wrap skirt got chopped it up to make a toile of the @sewdiypatterns #lelaskirt. I found the curved hem tricky so it's just turned up once, not twice. The front & back aren't cut on the fold as I didn't have enough fabric and for the same reason the waistband is cut against the grain. I top stitched all the seams so it's easier to iron. I probably should've made a smaller size as I think it's a bit poofy at the front...but my measurements said 22. 

I think this will be a good beach/pool skirt but I think it's going to go into the charity bag as I don't love it.