Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tent dress no. 2

I had in my mind that I needed a knit Gabby Dress in either black or navy blue. Of course when you really want something that's when it's impossible to find the fabric that you want! Instead I found this great viscose/elastane at Tessuti - black with a thin rust stripe. It feels lovely to wear and was a dream to sew with.

To say I love this dress is an understatement! I wore it to work on Monday and felt really comfortable and "modern". Also, it would look GREAT with my tan or black clogs which is an important consideration for me. Really!

The stripes were very wavy once the fabric was washed and ironed and I had trouble matching up the stripes when the fabric was laid out to cut on the fold. Instead I opened up the fabric to cut the pieces flat -- but like last time I didn't have quite enough fabric so the back has a seam down the centre back.

Unlike last time I managed to match the stripes...not perfect, but "almost".

I've once again cut the neckband against the grain as the fabric was stretchy enough to allow me to do this. I like how this adds a bit of interest to the dress. I forgot to mention in my last post that I did lower the neckline of the dress - cut at the XS size, rather than the XL as I like my necklines to be lower.

Once again the dress has been sewn entirely on the overlocker using a slightly bigger seam allowance than normal (as the straight XL would be too tent like). Hems and topstitching is sewn with a slightly larger straight stitch.

I really do want one of this in Navy Blue - so that's my next fabric hunting mission. Wish me luck!


Pattern: "Gabby Dress" by Tessuti
Size: XL
Modifications: lengthened by 5cm, neckline cut lower
Fabric: Rust Liner from Tessuti (92% Viscose 8% Spandex Jersey)
Changes for next time: none

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