Monday, 9 January 2017

Sew Over It "DIY Indian Ribbon Purse"

As predicted sewing my first solo successful zipper in my Genoa Tote has unleashed the desire to sew all the zippers and purses!

About two years ago the UK based store Sew Over It released a tutorial for a DIY Indian Ribbon Purse...along with a kit that you could purchase with material bought on the store owners trip to India. In a moment of boredom at work I bought the postage be dammed! And then it sat in my cupboard for about two years because...zippers!

Hot on the heels of my Genoa Tote I got right on to making this purse. It was fun deciding how to place the ribbons, but you can see that one ribbon is much shorter than the others thus making the purse smaller than it should be. It also meant that the little leather tabs covering each end of the zip don't really show like they are supposed to. Annoying.

Things went pretty well with this zipper - I'm just disappointed that the shorter piece of ribbon has affected the way the whole purse looks. The kit combined with the postage wasn't cheap so I wish the store had checked their product properly.

 More zips to come - watch this space!

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