Monday, 2 January 2017

Just one more (black) Kwiksew 3880

I made this top at the end of last year - at the beginning of my Christmas break. I wanted to make an improved version of my first (black) Kwiksew 3880. I wanted a longer top with a raised neckline that was also a bit tighter at the hips....and here it is!

The shape is a bit wonky at the lower hem as I used a much larger seam allowance for the lower part in order to get the snug fit around the hips (so it looks blouson when I wear it with a-line skirts).

I definitely made the neckband too tight - I didn't have to stretch it too much to attach it, but it's definlty puckering at the neckline and requires a VERY good ironing before I wear it. Oh well...this top is far from perfect but it's wearable.


PatternKwikSew 3880
Size: Size XL, Size M for height at neckline
Modifications: I doubled the width of their skinny skinny neckband and added 4" to the length of it as I feel the drafted neckband is too short.
Fabric: Hashtag Black from Tessuti
Changes for next time: none

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