Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Linden Sweaterdress - sucess!

Huzzah *high fives self*!

My second foray into the land of the Linden Sweaterdress has been an unreserved success. If I sound pretty happy/smug it's becuase I am! Rarely does a sewing project turn out perfectly for me and this is one of the times where it's all worked out.  Sewing went smoothly (even the neckband went on with no troubles) and it's resulted in something that is exaclty what I wanted. Plus, it's pretty comfortable too (note: nothing is every really 100% comfortable on me as I have some nerve damage in my shoulder due to over 20 years working at a computer -- so "pretty comfortabe" is as good as it gets)!

After my toile, I decided to downsize to a size 16 all over. I had considered grading out to a size 18 at the hips/waist but in the end I thought I should just reduce the size overall...this reduced things quite consdierably, but the dress is still looseish and it would've been a mistake to make it any bigger.

I also chopped 1" off the length of the dress which again I think was a good move. This the sweater pattern was lenghted by 9" to make it to a dress length. For the record I'm 172cm tall - and 9" extra was plenty.

These photos are pretty bad - again it's winter in Sydney and it was very dark and gloomy when I quickly took these photos before work. Below is a picture from the Tessuti website showing my lovely, cosy, snuggly fabric.


Pattern: "Linden Sweatshirt" by Grainline Studios
Size: 16
Modifications: lengthened hem by 9"; sleeves shortened by 1", added 1cm to the width of the neckband plus 3" in length
Fabric:  Diamonds On Grey from Tessuti - a Grey/Black Italian Stretch Embossed Jacquard Knit Poly/Wool/Elastane
Changes for next time: nothing - it's PERFECT!

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