Sunday, 15 May 2016

Me Made May Round-up: week 2

Week 2 of Me Made May is all over Red Rover.

I wore a total of eight me-mades, though some - like my Shibori scarf - were worn more than once. 

The weather is still totally schizophrenic in Sydney...bare  legged in a Mabel Skirt one day and rugged up in a Sydney Jacket less than 24 hours later. This week featured two "Our Fave Top" one of which was fresh off the sewing machine and the other sporting two holes in it from trying to finish the neckline properly. Luckily I have more of the nice reddish fabric so I can remake the ruined "Our Fave Top". 

I've quite enjoyed  wearing my me-mades this week but it would be easier if the weather would pick a season. 

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