Sunday, 8 May 2016

Me Made May Round-up: week 1

Initially I was super keen to participate in Me Made May...and then the 1st May rolled around and it felt more like Me Made Meh.

Sydney weather is bizarrely warm for this time of year making it hard to get dressed each day as I'm never sure how hot I'm going to be. I've also put on a bit of weight so my me-mades from last year don't all fit and I feel like I don't have many options for this weird in between weather.

My challenge this year is to wear two me-mades per week, and despite feeling meh I accomplished that. I ended up wearing a "Our Fave Top", a Megan Longline Cardigan, my Shibori scarf and two me-made necklaces. I'm not sure if the necklaces really count, but I made them so I'm going to count them.

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