Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ponti Linden Sweatshirt and a neckband WIN!

I'm not sure when my desire to sew the Linden Sweatshirt actually started.  I sort of never really thought about the pattern and then all of a sudden I HAD to buy it and sew it up that very weekend. I'm more of a "buy the pattern and sit on it for ever and probably never sew it" kinda gal so I'm quite impressed with myself.

This Linden is my "wearable muslin" though I don't actually have anything in my wardrobe to wear it with other than tracksuit bottoms for around the house. All my jeans/jeggings are a bit too tight for a jumper that doesn't cover my butt so I'm trying it here with a skirt and clogs...of course.  Next time I make this I'll be lengthening the body of the jumper so that I can wear it with my jeans/jeggings and feel comfortable.

Now...I've never sewn a raglan sleeve before and I'm super happy at how EASY it was. The instructions of this pattern are very good, and very easily to follow so that didn't hurt.

My struggle with neckbands is well documented on this here blog so I'm VERY pleased to report how EASY this neckband was to attach. It is pretty much perfect in my eyes...ummm, except for I sewed it on backwards the first time around. I was tempted to leave it as I'm lazy and because unpicking overlocking is not fun...but I'm glad I took the time to unpick it and have another go. The neckband looks pretty good...but nowhere near as awesome as my first one.

I'd read that this pattern runs a tad large so I was fairly sure the size 18 would fit me...which it did easily. Next time I'll go down a size as I did (and still do I think) have A LOT of extra fabric on the sleeves and under the arms which I remedied this time by sewing bigger seam allowances. Next time I'd like the sleeves to be more slim as I feel a bit swamped by then.  The sleeves are also uneven as initially they were too long and I obviously didn't do a very good job when shortening them.

The Linden is made 100% from Ponti. The blue leopard print is from and is left over from my last project and the black is from Tessuti- bought for pants, but it ended up as a jumper instead. I think jumper works in Ponti, though perhaps it's a little too "structured"?

Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios
Size: 18
Modifications: sewed larger seam allowances on sleeves and side seams.
Fabric: Ponti from and Tessuti
Changes for next time: sew a size 16, shorten sleeves and lengthen bodice about 5cm


  1. So glad you unpicked the neckline, I've done that recently and although it's so tempting to leave it, it is worth the work.
    I've been thinking about making this as the weather gets colder... still not sure if it's 'me'. However I though that about the Alder too!

  2. And have you thought about changing your twitter handle to WhatPontiSews :-)

  3. Congratulations ;)

  4. Yay on your neckband win! I suck at neckbands so it is good to here this one is easy. I'm hoping to make a couple of lindens for myself this winter.