Sunday, 6 April 2014

Thank you for a frightening, confusing, strange and dangerous time. What more could a girl ask for?

This is my second dress for the #sewDollyClackett challenge. I've gone ahead and used my lovely palm tree fabric I bought in Tokyo as I figure an Irish lass like Miss Clackett, who's living in grey old England, must long for a bit of sunshine and palm trees every now and then.

You know what? I feel like I am making the same dress over and over and over again. A little tweaking on each version should, by all rights, be making it perfect. But instead it's making me totally CRAZY!

Yes folks this is my 823rd Party Peplum Dress by April Rhodes. And yes, like the last one...and the one before it...and the one before that, it still bunches up a bit on my butt. I'm finally going to bite the bullet and go full-on with my FBA (Full Butt Adjustment) and shorten the bodice to the smallest size available, XS. So in the space of 4 dresses I've gone from XXL to XS. Makes sense. Or not?

Whilst I'm not a small person I have a very bad habit of thinking that I am bigger than I actually am...bloggers in the rear-view mirror may appear larger than the actually are. I always end up buying clothes that are just too big and not all that well fitted (and I feel like a frump in them)...and now I'm making them too big as well. Le sigh. I think I'm afraid to make this dress in a size smaller than what I think I should case it doesn't fit and all that effort (and fabric) is for nothing.

Even after all this self-psychological analysis aside it's pretty obvious that this dress is WAY too big. Especially as I've lost 6kgs and 2" off my waist since I first started sewing last year. Clearly...I can downsize.

If you ever see me out and about in the dress do not flip up my hem for a look at the seams as I did some REALLY dodgy "taking in at the seams" after I'd fully completed the dress. The dress is smaller now, and fits better, but it's also a total dogs breakfast on the inside. Unlike people though, it's not really what's on the inside that counts with dresses (well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway). It looks "ok" from the outside, and still gives good twirl.

I think I'm going to make ONE more version of this dress, in the next size down and I'm feeling well and truly ready to move onto something else...perhaps something with a zipper. I have the Colette Truffle Dress pattern at home so I might have a go at that...not sure if my brain can work out the lining component of that or not, but we'll cross the bridge when we come to it.


  1. Catherine Alekna6 April 2014 at 22:33

    a lot of my dresses look like shite on the inside but i don't always share the photos of them. I found relief when i read the couture dresses - the proper ones made for celebrities etc are ALL a big mess on the inside. no seam finishes, all hand sewn and forget 1.5cm seam allowance. the allowance is all over the place. what ever is needed to make it fit! so even if you have to adjust after the main work is finished, thats ok, as long as it fits you! well that's my reckoning.
    I love the palm trees! even thought its raining, the palm trees are perfect for the very warm weather we're still having! great work lovely!

  2. Ugh, I hate cutting out a pattern from the measurement chart only to find out it is miles too big! Measuring the flat pattern and comparing to your body measurements + ease or your favourite, similar item of clothing helps. Then muslin the crap out of it!

    I'm no expert and I'm not sure how this dress is supposed to sit on your waist, but it looks like the waist seam is WAY lower than your natural waist. If you took some length out of your bodice you might totally eliminate that bubbling.

  3. often the challenge for the home sewer. But hey! Your dress is adorable, as are you! And! Sundresses can fit on the looser side too, especially ones with palm trees on them! Great job! I'm sure Roisin is going to love it!

  4. i love the twirl pic. Bring your dress on Sunday.

  5. I like this one on you and the fit is super close!! That fabric looks scrumptious!! In the pics is seems to have a lovely sheen and the pattern is cute.
    Nice twirl BTW :)

  6. I'm getting very good at the twirl! I agree, the fit is "nearly there". I think I should nail in about 29 more versions of this dress.

  7. Are you wanting to suss out my mad sewing skills?

  8. Challenge is an understatement! I was thinking more like...nightmare! I agree with you though, as this is a sundress it's meant to be loose...just not quite as loose as I've been making them.

  9. I've SO lazy...I've done a muslin of the bodice only on this dress but it's the weight of attaching the skirt that is dragging the bodice down. I agree...shorter the bodice!

  10. So we're sewing couture then? Nice one! I never actually stopped to think about what the inside of those dresses look like...but for awards season you'd be so spot on!

  11. My mad sewing skills would be the same. Just bring the pattern pieces so I can at least do the sway back adjustment for you.