Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Japanese Fabric "stash"

As promised, here is a little look at the fabulous fabrics I bought during our visit to Tokyo's "fabric town" area. All of the fabric came from a store called Tomato. The name of the store is so kawaii (cute) I can hardly handle it!

Of course, hindsight is twenty twenty and I'm kicking myself now that I didn't go wild and BUY EVERYTHING as I have so many things now I want to start sewing.  Meeting up with other sewists, plus a spate of classes has given me so much confidence and motivation!

First cab off the rank is a FANTASTIC cotton with an uber cute CAT print! I love cats (as evidenced from this post on Japan's cat cafes over on my other blog) so I couldn't walk away without 1m of this. I've earmarked this for another Grainline #tinyPocketTank...once I'm up to sewing another one. Or perhaps it will become some other sort of top (feel free to throw me ideas) this space.

This is another lovely, lightweight cotton that I'm thinking will be nice in Tessuti's Gaby dress.  The Gaby might need a more...sturdy, crisp fabric...but I figure this will be a nice beach dress if all else fails. It feels as soft as a kitten and what could be better than that!

Another lovely cotton with palm trees! This fabric is slightly more heavy than the floral above and has a lovely feel....nice and soft almost like flannelette in a way. I'm thinking another April Rhodes Peplum Party Dress as I really like that sewing pattern and I think it suits my shape (though I may need to go down a size...still thinking about that).

I didn't want to buy anything I couldn't already sew with so I steered clear of ALL knits (which I'm now regretting since the release of the Coco Dress and my recent Mandy Boat Tee class at Tessuti). That said, I was quite taken with Tomato's huge selection of printed, lightweight corduroy. This will become a skirt...once I learn how to sew a skirt that is!

So there you have it. My very modest haul from Tokyo. What do you think of my plans for each fabric -- if you have some other/better suggestions I'd LOVE to hear them.


  1. I freakin love those cats! I would love a fitted ppussy bow top out of that fabric! Can't wait to see all your makes.

  2. oh my gosh the kitty fabric!!! love! I would've died and bought the entire roll of that one. Gorgeous selections, I cannot wait to get back to Japan and go fabric shopping.

  3. Catherine Alekna30 March 2014 at 23:16

    kitty fabric for the win! I so want to make a blouse or something from some cat print fabric! i like the corduroy too! a skirt would be a good idea for that!

    I guess if you ever wanted to get a nice print knit again, you could try spoonflower. A little more expensive, but i guess if you found a print you loved it would be a good alternative

  4. I WANT THAT KITTY FABRIC!! You know if you don't sew it quickly, Ima gonna hunt you down and steal it!! So, so cute!! The others are nice too, but kitties are awesome!!

  5. I think you're definitely on the path to more great sewing Mel.

  6. I know how you feel - when I was in Finland I only purchased a few metres of Marimekko fabric - kicking myself! Wisdom in hindsight. You fabric purchases will be made into much fabulousness! How about the Scout tee from Grainline for the kitty fabric? If you have leftovers you could use a piece for the By Hand London Polly, with the rest in plain black.