Thursday, 9 August 2018

(another) Ebony Tee

Now that I've mastered the Full Bicep Adjustment for this pattern I was REALLY keen to remake my favourite #ebonyTee with a roomier sleeve and perhaps a bit more length so I could wear it with skinny pants and feel super comfortable. A quick dash to my local fabric store confirmed what I already knew deep in my heart...the fabric had long ago sold out *sad face*. So I left with this instead. Same same...but different. 

I sewed this up over the course of a few hours whilst I was home sick last week. It really took all day as I would do one step and then take a break on the couch to watch another episode of The Good Wife (a show which I'm thoroughly enjoying).  

I added an extra inch to the length of the top and think I have good coverage now for skinny pant wearing. The hem is finished with the rolled hem on my overlocker. 


Pattern: Closet Case Files "Ebony Tee"
Size: 16, wristlet sleeves, jewel neckline
Modifications:  1" full bicep adjustment, added 8.5" to the length. Rolled hem.

Fabricpolyester elastaine from My Hung in Parramatta
Changes for next time: none for View B

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