Thursday, 23 November 2017

Seamwork Sadie jumper

Is there anything more magical than when a toile (aka stunt garment) turns into something that you can actually wear. In public. I think not!

Behold my very wearable toile of the Seamwork Saide jumper that I whipped last Sunday. I wanted to make this jumper as I thought it might be a good item to take with me to Japan when we go for Christmas/NYE. The fabric is from the Remnant Warehouse - definitely 100% synthetic and only wearable in the depths of winter when breathability isn't really an issue. I do like the colour though - you certainly won't miss me in a crowd (coupled with my red beanie I'll look like a Christmas tree...hmmm).

This was a very easy sew - so much so that I left the printed booklet at work and didn't suffer from not having the instructions. I did read them online however and decided to stabilise the shoulder seams with some clear elastic which is not a step included in the instructions. I think this would be a good introduction into sewing knits.

Turtlenecks aren't really my thing - I don't feel the are all that compatible with big boobs, but I'm willing to go with it for a big, drapey cowl.

The pattern does come with patch pockets but I left those off as I think that if not done properly/neatly the really make a garment look "home sewn" in the worst possible way.

My only quibble with the pattern is the fact that the front piece (on the bottom in this photo) is longer than the back piece (the top layer of paper in the photo below). Surely that can't be right, can it? Either way...I'll level them up for next time.


PatternSeamwork Sadie jumper
Size: XL (from their Curvy Block)
Modifications:  none other than stablising the shoulder seams
Fabric: mystery knit from the Remnant Warehouse - don't stand near any open flames in this garment as it might melt!
Changes for next time: Fix up the length of the back piece so it's not shorter than the front. 

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