Friday, 24 February 2017

Simplicity 1366 - a wearable toile

Simplicity 1366 is a pattern I've seen around a lot on social media - specifically the top, not the cami or the very fancy frou frou skirt. It's designed for woven's but I think it would be perfect for knits...and it is!  I made this is a viscose/jersey from The Remnant Warehouse.

Annoyingly I had to trace the pattern as I was pretty sure going with the biggest size on offer, my usual sewing strategy, would just be too big...I traced and sewed the size 18 and it fits well. Tracing is really annoying, fiddly and annoying. Not a fan

I've read that the top is very short so I added 7.5cm to the length - it's not a bad length now for wearing with this type of skirt, but if I were to wear it with a pencil skirt I'd probably want it longer to cover my belly. I was also told that the neckline is very wide so I added 1cm to both the side of the front and back neckline and it fits well on my shoulders. The top also has a very high neck so I dropped this a bit...I hate high necklines! I also shortened the sleeves by 5cm as it's summer and even at this elbow length it could get a bit too warm.

I'm really happy with this top...I wore it out to lunch today and it was very comfortable and I think the fit is good. Of course, just as I was snipping loose threads to give it a final press I snipped a hole in the back at the neck...gah! Luckily it was very small and I've been able to sew it up without it being overly noticeable.


PatternSimplicity 1366
Size: 18
added 7.5cm to the length, added 1cm to both the side of the front and back neckline and dropped the front neckline a bit. Shortened the sleeves by 5cm.
Fabric: Viscose/jersey from The Remnant Warehouse
Changes for next time: none

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