Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Maria Denmark Kimono Tee

I really love the print on this fabric that I first saw at Fabric Muse a few months ago. After weeks of fabric stalking I finally purchased 90cms of it  and decided to make myself another Maria Denmark Kimono Tee. The fabric is $35/pm so it was hard to justify buying anything more than this...sadly!

I'm getting a bit tired of getting properly dressed for blog photos, so here are two photos of the new top...what you're not seeing are my PJ bottoms and ugg boots!

Since my first kimono tees I've put on a bit of weight (insulation for winter) so this doesn't fit as well as my others did when I made them. I also think I've cut the fabric off grain as it not sitting as nicely as it should. Moving forward I'm going to stop being lazy and actually make a neckband for my kimono method of turning the neck under and stitching before joining the shoulders works OK but doesn't look very good.


Pattern: "Kristen Kimono Tee" by Maria Denmark
Size: size 3XL (no seam allowance added); with size 4XL at the shoulders
Modifications: none, other than not using a neckband
FabricBotanical Digital Print Jersey from Fabric Muse (97% Viscose + 3% Elastaine). 
Changes for next time: maybe I'll forgo the use of Wondertape; and maybe try sewing it with a neckband. I might go up a size also.

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