Sunday, 17 April 2016

Seanwork Mesa Dress = fail

I'm still on the hunt for a go-to dress pattern and I'm sad to say that the Seamwork Mesa Dress is not it. I think it's more my body's fault rather than the dress, but I'm still a tad disappointed. There's no photos of me in the dress as I don't need those images out in Internetland forever.

I sewed this up in a 2XL leaving the length at a 3XL. I had read on various blogs that the dress was quite short so I added an inch to the length, which was totally unnecessary as it was way too long and frumpy (I'm about 172cm FYI). I found the sleeves to be very loose, I'd prefer them more tighter as it's a more flattering look. The sleeve heads also didn't seem to sit quite right? I also found the neck to be very wide - sitting to far out on my shoulders and also a tad too deep. I also eliminated the side-split as I'm not into that sort of thing.

I had hoped the shape of this dress would be sort of straight down from the shoulders, but on me it clung to every curve, lump and bump -- more body-con style, which is not a good look on me as I have a fat tummy/thick waist. This may explain why I've not seen the Mesa made up by any curvy/plus-sized bloggers.

Oh well...on to the next project.

Pattern: "Mesa Dress" by Seamwork Magazine
Size: 2XL, sewn with 3/8" seam allowance.
Modifications: 1 inch added at the lengthen here line, removed the side-split.
Fabric: Hmm....something stretchy and cheap from My Hung
Changes for next time: none, I won't be making this again.

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