Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sydney Jacket #2 (aka my Jedi Robe)

My second Sydney Jacket has come about as I was tagging along with Dave on one of his water polo trips to Canberra last weekend and was joining a sewing day held by the Canberra Spoolettes (aka Canberra Sewing Crew). I was happy to take my sewing machine, but not my overlocker as that was just too much "stuff" to lug around.

I had this light wool in the stash and there was just enough for a Sydney Jacket (no overlocking or seam finishing required) -- hence the idea for this garment was born. Dave thinks the colour of the wool makes it look like I've made a Jedi Robe. Pffft - Jedi's are not this stylish!

Like my first Sydney Jacket I sewed the size XL. I had thought my first jacket was too big, but this one fits OK (I'm fatter this year than last but not that much fatter I'm sure).

This is a very simple sew, but as I was sewing with a group of 20 other people I was distracted by the conversation and meeting new people and fluffed things up at the very first step! The very first thing I did was to cut the pocket hole in the jacket which should be done AFTER you stitch the pocket front to the front of the jacket (as I guess the stitching reinforces the material and ensures you know where to cut). Luckily it all turned out OK and I would actually do it this way around next time as it seemed simpler and less fiddly. I also stitched the pocket onto the front of the jacket as this very early stage rather than right at the end as the instructions have you do. Again I'd do it this way next time as it seems less fiddly and easier.

I'm really happy with how this jacket turned out and as there was no temperamental overlocker involved it was actually a really enjoyable and relaxing sew. I NEVER find sewing relaxing so that was a surprising feeling for me! My overlocker is being a bit temperamental at the moment and does need to go in for a service, so it was nice to ignore it for a change.

...and the back view.

The fabric is a light wool from My Hung in Parramatta that cost just $7/m!!!! I bought it about 2 year ago to make a vest but the pattern I bought was so badly made I asked the company for a refund and got it! Since then it's sat in the stash waiting for a project to come to mind.

Because the fabric is virtually the same on both sides I used a sticker to mark the front of each piece so I wouldn't get confused - it worked well! The colour fabric was also great as it easily showed up the chalk markings that I used to ensure I was getting the correct seam allowances when overlapping the pieces prior to pinning and sewing.


Pattern: "Sydney Jacket" by Tessuti
Size: XL, sewn with 3/8" seam allowance.
Modifications: None.
Fabric: Mystery wool(ish) fabric from My Hung
Changes for next time: Sew an XL but try and make the sleeves longer!

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