Saturday, 7 November 2015

Butterfly Ponti Linden Sweatshirt

I've never been one to sew anything for a holiday, let alone consider wearing "me-made" whilst gallivanting across the globe. So this sweater is a bit of a first for me - sewn specifically with my upcoming Japanese Christmas holiday in mind.  I gave myself a lot of time to make this as I never understand people who want to sew a complete holiday wardrboe 3 days before they're due to fly out. Too. Much. Stress!

Now that it's finished I'm not sure I'm going to take it...but, that's not the point.

The front panel of this Linden Sweatshirt is sewn with the leftover piece of butterfly ponti from my recent Mable Skirt of doom - I'm glad I had a decent remnant leftover as the fabric is just so pretty. The rest of the sweatshirt (or jumper as we say here Down Under) is simple black ponti from Tessuti. Something I pretty much always have in the stash.

The last time I sewed the Linden I added 1" to the length as I felt it was a bit short for me to wear with slim jeans. This time I added another inch as I felt it still needed a bit of I kinda think it's a bit long. Opinions welcome!

...and from the back. Much butt coverage, but I'm not 100% sure it's the right length (hence my uncertainty if it'll get a spot in the suitcase for the Japan trip).

The sleeves on the Linden are REALLY Gorilla-arm long. I had meant to remove a bit of the length but forgot in my haste to get sewing (d'oh) so I'll need to be careful that my sleeves aren't dragging in my ramen. The overly long sleeves makes this jumper feel a bit...sloppy for me.

I'm pretty pleased with the neckband on this make - though it's not quite centered at the back (what I can't see can't hurt me, right)? I'm always anxious sewing on a neckband, especially "in the round", but I find the drafted length of the Linden neckband to be perfect. Just tight enough to pull the wide neck in, but not so tight that it feels like you're stretching the bejesus out of it whilst sewing it on. I haven't top-stitched the neckband down as after a good iron it's staying put. I'll throw this into the wash and see if that's still the case.

...and that's all she wrote folks.

Pattern: "Linden Sweatshirt" by Grainline Studios
Size: 16
Modifications: lengthened by 2" or 5cm
Fabric: Ponti (again) from Tessuti (again)
Changes for next time:SHORTEN THE SLEEVES YOU NUFTY!

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