Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wintertime knit Gabby dress

This fabric (from Girl Charlee) was originally bought for a Coco dress which I was all set to make...until I re-read my blog posts about my attempts at sewing Coco and some of the fitting issues I had along the way (not to mention many many neckband woes).  It just seemed easier to sew another knit Gaby Dress. So I did...

Because we're firmly in the grips of winter I made this Gaby with long sleeves...and finished it with a cuff, of course. To get the length right I copied the length from the Coco sleeve pattern piece.  I'm really happy with how the sleeves have turned out. Shoulder seams are finished with clear elastic.

This fabric is definitely not what we'd call Ponti in Australia. It's quite thin, and very drapey - perfect for this dress but I wouldn't want to be making a Mabel Skirt out of it as it's just too thin for that sort of thing. I have no idea what we would call this fabric's 45% Rayon/50% Polyester/5% Spandex (so I won't stand too close to any open fires).

I am also really chuffed with the way the neck turned out on this dress.  I attached the neckband "in the round" this time as I like the way it looks more than when I only sew up one shoulder seam, add the neckband and then sew up the second shoulder seam. It also tucks away the scratchy clear elastic on the shoulder seam.  I used the neck binding pattern piece from the Gabby Dress and make it shorter so it stretched enough to pull the neckline nice and tight. I always struggle with how long...or make the neckband. Neckband lottery.

I am also proud that I paid attention to pattern match the side seams.  The pattern matching may look a bit skew-if but I'm sure that's only because the dress is a-line and not straight.

As per my last Gabby I sewed the L with 1.5" seam allowance and then shaved off the overlocker seam (so maybe 1/2"); and same again from the bust down. I should probably just cut a smaller size, but I'd have to retrace the pattern as I don't have a soft copy of it and I'm too lazy (also, what size would I make...)?

Honestly EVERYTHING went right with this make (unlike my next make which went totally belly up). When I sew I've realized I'm holding my breath...just waiting for things to go wrong, so it was really nice to make something where everything went smoothly.

Pattern: "Gabby Dress" by Tessuti
Size: L, sewn with 1.5" seam allowance and then shaved off the overlocker seam (so maybe 1/2"); and same again from the bust down.
Modifications: Added a neckband.
Fabric: Ponti Girl Charlee (doesn't feel like Aussie Ponti though...more thin and slinky)
Changes for next time: none!


  1. Yay! It's lovely. Always so nice when a project goes well and gives you confidence for the next one!

  2. I could live in dresses like this all winter - and yay on the neckband win!

  3. Love this dress, the sleeves, cuff and neckband are tops! Yes girl charlee ponte is different huh, like a light weight double knit. Have you seen the crafting a rainbow post on her lazy way to decide neckband length? Lara from Thornberry mentioned it - i think on IG recently, im going to give it a go!